NEW YEARS EVE 2010- Deciding to do the project

Being a nurse and often seeing people struggle has with time given me a different perspective on life. I don`t want to just live anymore, I want my days to count.
This is not a typical new years resolution, it´s a way to change my life, I want to be better, I want to do better.
Thinking back on the last month or so, I can`t say that I`ve done anything really memorable. And I don`t think that that`s unique for me. I think that most of us let days pass without really living or tasting life.
So I will, from now on, do my very, very  best to change that!

I made up my mind. 
For one year I will dedicate myself to making every day count. Every day I will try to do something I`ve never done before, push my limits, taste something new...or do something different. I will smile more, live life in the present. I will face my fears one by one- and every day I will try just a little bit harder to be to be the best version I can be of myself.

My goal is to make every day for one year memorable in its own way. Every day may not be grand, but hopefully by the end of my project, I will have made myself more aware of the value of life.

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