DAY 6- the never ending diet story

Crazy, that while half the world is trying to loose weight, the other half is starving. 

Why is it so that media tends to give us the impression that we´re just  not good enough if we´re a bit on the heavy side?  Like , you´re less of a person, if you´re a big person(!) so to say?
That is not good. Not at all. It is wrong, and it is sad, and it makes people feel bad about themselves. I feel bad about myself. From time to time. When I get told how easy it is to loose those extra kilos, and still I don´t. According to commersials all I have to do is take a pill, drink a shake, eat a candybar, or mix some powder. And I will loose weight. Just like that. Or I can start a diet. I can do the GI diet, the mediterrean diet, the atkins, south beach, low carb, diary free, cabbage soup, low salt, vegitarian, or any other diet if I want to. I can join a weight loss program. Or all of the above.All of which needs careful explanation, all of which costs lots of money.
I wonder why!
I´m really starting to get sick and tired of the weight loss commercials. The before and after pictures. They all tell stories of weightloss- but non of happyness. Are the people happier now? Now that they are supposedly thinner and more successful?! Are their lives better? Have they found love? Are they satisfied? 
it´s just bad. And I want it to stop.

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