DAY 7: hopp i havet- it makes wonderful memories

it´s about taking the time to live, right! And to make memories? So I asked Leo. "Leo, what would you like to do on Sunday if you got to decide?" We decided to sit down and look at my computer to figure out what was going on. Thought about going to his alltime favorite -Oslo Trikkemuseum, so we looked at that page. Asked if he wanted to go to Oslo Reptilepark, so we looked at that site too, and then, all of the sudden, he rememberes(!) his friend, may I add- his best friend- Kristoffer, had went to "hopp i havet". So Hopp i havet it was! We drove to Oslo, Rafael, Leo and I, and we all had a blast. Oh my, didn´t see the kid for 2 hours, other than the times he wanted me to come play with with , witch I did, and then he played with the other children again. Like a hundred, at least. :) It was great fun, and we made good memories. He is getting to be so old, the little man, and it´s so easy to forget that this is his childhood. Easy to forget just how much  power good memories from our childhood has.. So I´m trying to remember that. To give him happy moments that he can bring with him, grow on. It was a good, happy day:) you want to go too? here´s the site

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