DAY 2: acknowledging the importance of true friendship

I love this picture. Its so sad in a way, but still soo lovely. 
I abselutely love the story that it tells, and how it makes me remember that some friends will stand by your side forever, and when one is missing, there will be and empty place at the table.. I don´t know, it just grasped my attention, and there it was, my story about the importance of true friendships.

I´ve been thinking a lot about friends lately... Since we moved out to the countryside I´ve been so wrapped up in my own little world, that I kind of forgot something with great importance.. to nourish the friendships that I hold dear. At the time, I honestly didn´t miss anything or anyone. I was so busy,
so in love- and I kept telling myself, that next week, come next week- I will get my butt back in the city for a visit. Friends would call, and I would say that, next week babe! next week! But next week rarely happened, the trips kept being put off... there was just so many things I had to do...
I regret it now, I really do...
It´s not like I lost all human contact or anything though, my "inner circle" still is very present in my life, and has been throughout the whole big move and everything, but still, there´s a lot of wonderful, charming, lovely old friends out there that I somehow lost contact with along the way. I think it´s time for me to do my very best to show them that they´re still important in my life. Show them by walking the walk, not talking the talk. It´s time for action.
I have great plans for being a better friend this year. No longer will I let the distance to Oslo stop me from a friendly coffee, I will be there, be more present, and make more memories.

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