DAY 3- my birthdaystory

I often get the birhtdayblues, and this year, turning 30 it´s been worse than ever- really. I don´t know why, and I don´t know if it´s because my birthday is so close to newyears, and it´s the new year´s blues that disguises itself as birthday blues, but whatever it is, january always makes me sad. Don´t know why, just always been that way... then it all changed. My birhtday came rising, and I can´t remember last I felt so loved, so cherished, and so blessed. It went something like this-

06:15-   Alarmclock goes off, rafael kisses me, and askes me if I want caffee in bed 06:16-   I get another kiss when I get up-there´s just no time for coffee when you have to rush to work 07:55-   Anne gives me a great big hug, and isn´t mad at all that we were late due to horrific weather 08:30-   Saara, my boss, comes in to work and is all smiles and giggles,  she sings solo for me! 08:35-   There´s like a tonn of messages on my answeringmashine, telling me HAPPY BIRHTDAY 12:00-   Still more messages coming in, no time to pick up, biiiig workload 13:30-   All hotelstaff sneaks upon me, with a great big cake, and their singingvoices on 13:40-   Saara holds a great big speach for me, all good things 15:45-   Leo comes to pick me up, carrying a bouquet bigger than himself 15:46-   I read the lovely card attached to the bouquet telling me that "vi elsker deg- leo & Rafael" 16:00-   I discover that Christina actually went by Havanna to drop off yet another wonderful bouquet 16:45-   As we pull into our driveway there´s the norwegian flag saluting me ( papa made it so) 17: 00-  Rafael start making dinner, and I invite Laila and Hans Ivar as well as Mom and Dad 17:01-   They all say yes 18:00-   I receive a conferencecall from my brother, sister in law, niese and nephew. 19:00-   My soulsister calls from the states 19:30-   We eat a loooooooovely meal, again made by my looooovely man 19:45-   My loooovely man sings for me in spanish:) he never sings! 20:30-   Dad surprises me with actually having ordered a cake 20:31-   We eat cake 22:00-   While drinking wine, i discover that over 60 people has congratulated me on facebook 23:55-   Still drinking wine and rethinking the whole birthday-blues-buisness 23:56-   Coming to the conclution that not ever again will I allow myself to get the birthdayblues

A big thanks to all the wonderful people in my life, making my day so special:)

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