DAY 9: the story of hope- part one

Eleven years ago I met a person who should turn out to change my life. A person who makes me try harder every day to be a better person, just in light of who she is. Little did I know back then that this wonderful, wonderful young woman would become one of my closest, if not the closest- and dearest friend I´ve ever known. Her outlook on life, and the tenderness she expresses for all of those around her makes her not only fantastic, but one of a kind.

Dearest Monica, soulsister and love. Thank you so much for being you.
Thank you for always - always letting me know that I´m loved without boundaries, and for letting me know that whatever happens, you will be there looking out for me.
You know, when you guys moved back to the states, I knew that it was the only thing making sence at the moment.  I never thought that I could miss someone so much, and even though I knew that it would be hard being so far away from you, I´m still glad you guys moved. It´s what you needed to do. It´s what needed to be done for you to be happy at the moment. Familiy is so, so, so important, and especially when you were expecting little ones. I understand that you had to go. But I miss you.

On a totally selfish note. I hope that you bring Daniel and the little ones back one day. I hope that you guys move back to Norway. I hope, I hope, I hope.
I hope that one day the only thing making sence would be for you guys to be living here. Even if it was only for a year, I know it´s selfish, but it´s what I hope for.
I love you whereever you are. I love you always.
your r

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