DAY 10: the eye opening story of Mogilino

The forgotten children in Bulgaria´s Mogilino makes me wonder. Is ignorance the true root of all evil or just innocent attitude?

2007: Independent documentary filmmaker, Kate Blewett, goes to Bulgaria to document the horrible conditions of  abandoned children in Bulgaria. The film, being aired by BBC, causes outrage in the UK and in other countries in which it is shown.
It takes Norway's largest media house, NRK, about four  years to air the story, four years that could have made a difference. 

2011: NRK shows the 60-minute sequel of Blewetts first documentary about Mogilino. It is mind blowing, hurtful and horribly necessary TV, which according to the BBC’s website, shows the "power of television to bring about concrete change". Kate Blewett, helped by her many engaged viewers, manages to turn ignorance into bliss. And all though hurtful to watch, the Mogilino children now faces a better future thanks to Blewetts ability to wake us all up.

Could it be so that we are all to busy in the constant storm of articles and posts in the media today to actually pick up on what is truly important? and if so, does that make us ignorant.. Is ignorance evil or just innocent attitude?
According to ignorance is a state of being uninformed.. You can be willfully ignorant, but the word is not to be connected with stupidity although both can lead to "unwise" acts. Charles Darwin himself actually stated that individuals with superficial knowledge of a topic or subject may be worse off than people who know absolutely nothing. This because ignorance, according to Darwin, stifles learning, in that a person who falsely believes he or she is knowledgeable will not seek out clarification of his or her beliefs, but rather rely on his or her ignorant position. He or she may thereby reject valid but contrary information, neither realizing its importance nor understanding it.

Ignorance comes in all shapes and forms. It sneaks up on you if you´re not watching out for it. It lures and whisperers of better times, it makes you put yourself first. It makes you not see the truth about what´s happening around you and it helps you make bad decisions that indeed can effect others.
I think ignorance when it surfaces in the shape of neglect is evil. Especially when it comes to children. I believe that children need to be seen, touched, heard and loved to be able to grow. If we ignore these needs, not only do we act ignorant, but commit crimes against humanity.

Thank you Kate Blewett for raising our awareness

To read more about this you can visit Blewett-revisited or you can see the whole documentary here.

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  1. Jesus, Renate. It's so true that this is such a troubling video to watch. How brave you are to put it here, on your blog, so that we can become aware of these poor children. It's always so hard to watch this because part of me wants to drop everything, sell my home, sell my car, move into a mobile home and give every possible cent I could to charities that would help these types of children. Then I remember that I have two little mouths to feed and I am stopped in my tracks. Someday I would love to do something with you- some kind of long term charity thing so that we could give back to others and be together at the same time. I really really hope to make that happen one day. Thank you, sweetheart, for being the amazingly kind, compassionate, warm hearted and caring person that you are. I miss you so much!


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