DAY 12: living life

seems so easy to forget from time to time. And then again, it´s about the only thing important when you feel lost.
Rafael snapped this photo of me about two weeks ago. I had just passed out twise on a sunday afternoon and it freaked us out so much that we actually ended up going to the ER- who admitted me to the hospital for tests.
I had no clue that they would tell me that there might be something wrong with the pace my heart beats in. Just turned 30, and it really hit me, lying there-Life is so fragile. There´s so much I want to do. I´m young, and this is bullshit. Even if my cusin had heartsurgery at 33, my aunt has had a troubled heart for many hears, and my father had a heartattac at 50, it doesn´t mean that this should be it, right.
They had me in the hospital for about a day and a half, and then they let me off the hook - just like that - with a sick note for work and strict instructions to go see my doctor for further tests. My general practitioner said that I had to have at least two more sets of tests run, before they would let me go back to work. She also said that it would be most likely that we would send this whole charade up the lane of Much Ado About Nothing, but at the same time, that this shouldn´t be something taken lightly upon. That we had to do this after the book, and then write it off as whatever later- if all comes back as fine- after we´ve ruled out everything else.  
I feel fine now, so this all seams kind of to much- but I´m gona be a good girl,  waiting this one out. I´m following doctors orders, staying home. Relaxing, and trying my very best not to count heartbeats or feel dizzy.Living life  seems easy to forget from time to time, but then again, it´s really the only thing important once you feel lost.

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