DAY 13: giving life

My friend Roy is giving his boyfriend one of his kidneys. I find it heroic.
From the moment I first met him; warm, gentle and sweet Roy- I loved him. Abselutely loved him. There´s not many people that bring out that kind of instant love in me, but he did and I miss him a great deal. Actually, leaving my old job half a year ago didn´t cost me much, but loosing Roy as one of the best workbuddies I´ve ever had has really been on my mind. Especially lately. Roy is such warmhearted and caring, genuinely interested in doing good guy, that it really got to me back then, and still does. If we all were a little bit more like this man I think the world would be a better place.

After getting to know Roy I found out that the love of his life has a disease that causes him to be in need of a new kidney. And offcourse, being the man Roy is, he offered oneof his own. Offcorse he did.  I think that it´s considered an easy choice to so when someone you love is sick, but at the same time, is it? Really?
It is a big deal. That´s what it is. Even though what you give away is only about 12 cm long, weighing only 180 grams, it´s a big deal.
I think it´s a big deal.
People have a hard time giving away their organs after they´ve passed, and to willingly go into surgery to give up an organ is so.... heroic.  know that Roy doesn´t see  it that way, and I know that I wouldn´t hesitate to give Rafael, or Leo or my emmediate family one of my kidneys, but still, that´s a "what if" in life. Roy is giving away a kidney on Wednesday. It´s a definitive.

I just want you all to know that I´m a donor. If it ever should come up as a question. I am, and my family is informed. Looking for information about kidneytransplants I stumbled across  this page, and even though I´m probably not gona check into her page often, I was touched. 20 years old, and waiting for a new heart,.. Rough... Want to know more about organ donation? You can read more it here.
Giving life is the ultimate gift.. please make a stand to what you would like your relatives to answer if they ever were to receive such a horrible call... And pelase... be a hero if you´re ever asked to give away a kidney to someone dear. I would definitely find it heroic

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  1. Another beautifully written and thoughtful post, sweetheart. I am so glad you are writing this blog. Thank you for being you :)


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