DAY 15: in honor of the project-veggiestyle

I will be living live life veggie-style for a month! I´ll taste stuff I haven´t tasted before, and hopefully I´ll learn more about different veggies and the nutrients within them! Best off all- I´m not doing it alone!

About a week ago I had lovely chat with my very best friend, Monica. Monica used to be a devoted vegiterian, and allthough she´s playing for the eat-meat-team at the moment( after giving birh to two lovely boys) she, as I, were hoocked on the idea. Who better to co-project with, ha?

I love this idea, and allthough I´m setting out only for a month to begin with (make no mistakes, I LOVE MY MEAT) I think it will be mighty interesting living life veggie-style for a while!
I did it once before, while Monica was pregnant with Erik, and I remember beging more fit, and happy, and hopefully, I´ll have somewhat the same excperience again.  I will keep you posted on how it all turnes out, and if you check out my recepie-note (above) from March 1st, you´ll get to take part in what I cook as well:) BON APPETIT

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  1. Well girlfriend, your blog is public, so it's definitely out in the cosmos and I can't WAIT!! I have been trying to "detox" this weekend by minimizing my meat so that our transition on Tuesday is smooooooth like rich, creamy hummus. haha. that was cheesy :P


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