DAY 17: facing the truth

There´s times when I don´t feel especially pretty.  I pick my pimples and complain loudly about my wrincles and scars. I´m not going to do that anymore.

Yesterday night, after zapping through channels for about (..)way to long,  I ended up watching a documentary about a very brave young lady, Katie Piper.
Now, you may allready have heard about her,  but I hadn´t. Watching Katie come back from an horrific acid attack got me into thinking.. This girl has made me realize just how shallow we all are. How we meet ourselfs in the mirror every morning and take our faces for granted, pretty or not.
Imagine you got a really bad-and I mean a  REALLY BAD haircut after a short visit to the hairdresser. How would you feel? Lost.. Not like yourself, would you try to hide it, maybe not go out that night? You might even cry a little, right?
Now, imagine that your creepy ex decided to let his best friend throw liquid acid in your face, and there´s nothing you can do, it´s too late. Imagine that you wake up in the hospital after 2 weeks only to discover that the skin once attached to your back is actually now covering the burns in your face. You will never face your familiar smile in the mirror again, and you will have to wear a half-covering facemask 23 hours a day. How do you come back from that. And why is it really that were so dependent on the person who looks back at us from the other side of the shiny surface over our sink every morning.

I think most girls are masters in the game of thinking less about ourselfs. Facing ourself we all see the things we so desperatly try to hide from others. And why, why do we really bother. We all know that it is what´s inside that matters, right (..) but still, we all care. Watching Katie Piper come back from, what can only be described as a nightmare, I will be nicer to myself. Standing over the sink I will try to be more grateful that the person looking back at me is the one I have gotten to know for the last 15 years. It´s me, not a stranger, and like Katie, I am perfect just the way I am.

Go Katie! I think youre truly beautiful. Outside as well as inside. You´re an inspiration

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