DAY 19: the wig

I learned something new about myself today. And it felt great!

Remember when you were a child and you could play for hours.. You could dress up, and all of a sudden become someone else, be that caracter, and stay in that scene for as long as you wanted? It was a great feeling, right-  but for some odd reason, growing up ment leaving all that childhood fun behind.
Well, I discovered today, that the path to all those hours of silly play is not lost. I`ve just been to busy playing grownup to remember where to go.
A silly. silly nose and a wig in all the colors of the rainbow was all it took. Now, I don´t know why, but putting the wig on made me feel different- and good and playful and childish - and for some reason I couldn´t stop smiling. I guess I´ve detected my own little personal way to happyness today. And I love it. I am so going to keep the wig close by, and put it on whenever I feel like the grownup world is just a little bit to grey to handle. Today´s advise: go get a wig! A clowny one!

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  1. haha! It doesn't need to be a clowny one. I have a totally "normal" one that I bought the other day and it makes me happy to wear it :)


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