when did you last meet someone who truly inspred you, someone you could say really changed your life?  

It´s a funny thing, inspiration. To to be inspired by someone or something.
Even the thought of what inspires us... How sometimes watching a movie or a picture gives great inspiration, while other times- a smile, snow, or even the rain is all it takes. A line, a sentence. A pattern, still water...There seems to be no end to all the wonders of the world who has the power within them to make us think bigger or do better. But then again, finding qualities within a person that really changes you, is what I consider to be rare. To find someone who makes you want to to do better, be better- to be all you can be- is not common. At least; not common for this girly girl.
Sure, I do get inspired all the time. I get inspired by my man, by my wonderful, wonderful  friends.
I get inspired by the way my mom always seem to have everything under control, and inspired by my dad who i concider to be nothing less than a rock in my life. I get inspired by my brother, his soon to be wife and their lovely children. I also find myself being inspired by Leo and the way that only a five year old sees the world...
Then again, I don´t get to experience finding true inspiration within a person every day. To find the kind of inspiration who rocks your previous believes and changes them into something else is amazingly rare-  at least for me.

Now, about a year ago Rafael and I got a call from a friend of a friend who wanted us to do their wedding pictures. Offcourse we wanted to, and yet not knowing what great people we were about to meet, Rafael and I set out to do a wedding who would turn out to be so much more than just that. See, the bride and the groom lives on this beautiful farm, and before we knew it, this wonderful couple had hired us to take pictures of what will hopefully, through Rafaels photography- in some way(!) help promote their dream. See, they have a dream. And that for me is inspirational. And they´re working towards that dream all of the time and making it come true - even more inspirational. 
They seem to have a well-written-down goal in life. To make life better! Not just for themselfs and their charming children, but as far as I can see, for all the people who stumbles into their life.
Iren and Trond Tingulstad. Oh what names to remember (!) I´m sure they will go down in history, not just as inspiration for this writer, but as inspiration for a whole lot of people,  and still many, many more to come. The consept they´re selling is truly universal, and so, so simple in a brilliant way. 
How to become a whole person. How to live a better life, more in compliance with the nature around us. How to use both nature and what naturally lies within each and every one of us to create a more healthy outlook on life. They´ve somehow figured out what makes up the cornerstones of basic human needs, and how those needs can be met by taking care of eachother and the wourld around us. Now, it seems simple, and it is simple, and at the same time, it is so much more. It´s genious.

About a year ago I met someone who truly inspired and continues to inspire me. Someone who makes me want to do better and try harder. Someone who makes me want to be a better person. And I don´t have a clue to how it all happened, how both Iren and Trond came to be such a great sourse of inspiration to me, but whatever they did or didn´t do, it worked.  (...)The way they give a sence of wellness to people who come across their path without even trying is amazing. The way their enthusiasm for life and living shines through everything they say and do is for me really, really, really inspirational! I´m so grateful and blessed to have met you guys! Stay real, you´re wonderful!

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