DAY 27: about friendships

It doesn´t really happen all that often, that you find someone new who amazes you, does it?? 

It´s strange and a wonder, how new frendships slowly finds it´s way into your heart. How someone can be upgraded from being someone you like, to being someone you hold dear, who you charish and find truly amazing. It´s strange. And wonderful. Truly one of lifes best gifts when you develop a friendship to someone new. A friendship based upon common values and a common understandig about what life is really about. Not spoken out in words, but still quetly understood. Dear Åse:) I´m so happy that you came like a fresh wind into my life weeks and weeks ago. Your strong will and your wise words are truly rare, and I´m so grateful to have met you:) knowing you makes me think that I can do anything. You´re an inspiration!  big kisses -R

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