DAY 34: if you put your heart into it...

You can do whatever you feel like. Hard work and a strong will is all it takes. I´ve got proof, and her name is Miss Li

Early one morning in 2006, Linda Carlsson couldn´t sleep. She was lying awake thinking about buying a piano and start writing songs. She didn´t exactly know how to play a piano though, but she decided that nothing was going to stop her. Later that day, a brand new piano stood in her tiny apartment in Stockholm, where she recently had moved from her birthplace Borlänge, and she instantly started writing songs under the name Miss Li (to read more- go to her official homepage) Now,  if the stroy stopped there, it would´t have been such a great story of success, but luckely- it doesn´t. It goes all the way to several of her songs being used in TV-shows such as Grey´s anatomy, Desperate housewife´s and Weeds. The song Bourgeois Shangri-La was used in a world wide commercial campaign for Apple’s Ipod nano and her song Oh Boy became massive all over the world after it appeard in a commercial for Volvo.
I first heard of Miss Li after my good friend Frida told me about her years ago. She had just seen her first musicvideo on youtube (oh boy) and willingly shared this new great-sounding artist with me.  See, there was something special about Miss Li , even from the beginning. Like there was a special kind of authentic joy that shined through her every sound. And we fell for it, Frida and I- back then, not knowing that she would soon be considered great by so many more. Just goes to show. If you really put your heart into it, you can make dreams come true! For me- a great reminer in life!
And she makes me smile that wonderful girl! Enjoy!

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