DAY 37: I finally quit and a new life started!

I finally made it! I made up my mind and I stood by it. I quit smoking!

A while back I called my friend Roy to get the contactinformation of the woman who helped him quit smoking 7 years ago. Fortunately for me, the lady was still in buisness and after a brief chat on the phone, we made arrangements for me to come see her. The hypnotherapist. 
Now, I´ve never ever done anything like that before, and being a little bit scared, I started preparing myself to seeing her. And then the strangest thing happened. All of a sudden I didn´t crave cigarettes anymore. I actually started finding them disgusting (.......)And I´ve smoked a pack every day since I was 18. Just like that I quit, and I can´t even remember what day it was- another thing that is really strange-. With every previous attemt I´ve always conuted the days like my life depended on it, and now.... I don´t even know how many days it´s been. I know though, that it´s been over a week, and maybe even two since I last had a cigarette, but for the first time- the days that passed really doesn´t matter. This is for life. I can´t keep on counting forever, right, so why even start! 
I´m free!!!!!! That´s what it feels like. Everthing smells better, and tastes better, and I´m in control of my life again! My skin is starting to feel better, and I get to treat myself to expensive coffee whenever I feel like it, because I´m not using 98 krones every day for cigarettes anymore! I´m free!!!!!!!!!!

(....)on a sidenote: I did go to see the therapist, even though I allready quit. I figured I had allreawdy set the money aside to do that, so I´ll see if she can help me get rid of my fear of flying instead. She sais she can, so we´ll see! She´s good though, making me quit even without me seeing her (!) maybe that´s all it actually took, some real commitment!  
Well-commitment here I come, I´m commited to being all I can be, you just watch out!

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