DAY 38: Staying true to the veggie-project

 has been really hard at times, but I did it! I´ve spent a month as a vegiterian, and it´s left me with a great feeling of achievement!
It has become more and more obvious to me that walking the walk after talking the talk is actually quite important. Sure, there´s been times when I really wanted meat, times where I would truly have enjoyed going for the choice that included meat, but I haven´t. I´ve stayed true to the project and true to myself. I´ve thought about my friend Monica a lot, and thinking about our friendship and the fact that we´re doing this together has been a great sourse of inspiration to keep going, so I´ve kept on with it. Tasting new stuff all the time, and becoming more dearing. I´ve slowly read up on my veggies again, and taught myself about nutrtion and the value of eating healty.And even though i´m gona be playing for the meat-eating- team again from April first, I´ll definitely keep my newfound knowledge with me. I´ll eat more green than red! It´s been a great ride, and I strongly recommend it!

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