DAY 41: facing my fears
Fear isn´t funny. Not at all. And it´s taken me a looong time to even get to the conclusion that sharing the list is a good idea. But I will. I´m not afraid(!) of that- that is! See, I think a lot of my fears are pretty normal. It´s just not normal to admit to being afraid. I think. But I will. And I do. And I´ll be braver. Step by step.
When I first sat down to make this list, I had clue that the list would be this long. I can´t live life being scared of all this stuff, can I?  I have to  kill them off one by one. With time. It will take time. And it will be rough and hard, and scary, but Ill make it happen. At least the ones I feel is most urgent. I don´t see myself swimming with sharks anyday soon, but the fears that actually eat into my life, I will try to face. And looking at the list more carefully, it´s quite a few there that I really, really, really need to face. BY GOD- there is. And facing them I will.One by one, my goal, to live life without hesitating. To be strong and vibrant and alive. It took some thinking, making the list. Took some time. I had really strikt rules for what fears would make it on the list, and the ruling went " you have to really feel fear when thinking about it"- so whatever made me feel scared made it. Quite a lot as you can see. And I´m sure there´s more as well, I jsut didn´t think of it while making the list. Kind of gave up after a while. And I don´t even think that my fears are all that special either, I think most of us feel a sort of fright when thinking about getting into a car accident, still it made it on the list.  I´ll sooooo keep you updated. And-
OH! - Please make your own list as a comment if you like, let´s see what scares you the most of what I dropped here. or if you have other scares...Do you dare? I dare you!
Presenting The oh so scary "fear of" list:

01. FEAR OF FLYING  02. Fear of rejection   03. Fear of death  04. Fear of failure  05. Fear of being trapped in a small area     06. Fear of not being able to breath 7. Fear of snakes    08. Fear of swimming in deep waters 09. Fear of sharks attacing me while swimming in deep waters 09. Fear of being watched by a man standing outside my bedroomwindow while I sleep 10. Fear of being in a a car accident  11. Fear of my family being in a car accident  12. Fear of high blood pressure 13. Fear of not getting to be pregnant  14.FEAR OF DENTISTS 15. Fear of getting an alergic reaction to something I eat   16. Fear of Rafael leaving me for someone better, smarter, younger and sweeter     17. Fear of big pandemies     19. Fear of canser 21: Fear of getting a stroke

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