DAY 43: Dining at the Nightawk- Vardøen Style

Ever wondered what walking into a real 50´s diner would feel like? Well, At Grynerøkka, you´ll find the answer. Owner and chef, Jan Vardøen, congrats! You sure did it again.

The Nighthawk diner, also called TND overnight became a hit and the number one place to dine in Oslo. The word was out even before the diner greated it´s first customers, and with the list of well renowned places Mr. Vardøen has opened throughout the years, The Diner was on it´s way to success even before it was proberly born. With the genious ide of walking straight into the setting of any given 50´s diner,  Mr. Vardøen did not only show great knowledge of the area that he lives in, but also knowledge of what were soon to becomoe a worldwide trend again. The simplisity of the 50´s. The clothes, the furniture and last, but not least- off course the food. Well done, Mr. Vardøen!

That being said:  - Unfortionatly for me as a customer, there´s usually too long of line outside TND for me to even bother trying to get in. Not becauuse I´m not cool enough nor hungry enough, but because I made up my mind pretty early in life-  Standing in line to get food is just something that I´m not prepared to do when there´s food to be served other places.  
Life is to short to stand in line when there´s really no need, I figured early in life, and allthough many many rules have had to bend throughout the years, this one has stuck, probably depriving me of some pretty awesome meals. 
Luckely for me though, heaven-sent at a regular wednesday at 8am in the morning half of Grynerløkka is still asleep. There´s simply no line in sight and the time for a a straight walk in-sit-down and get your coffee was well over do. I quite quickly get my serving og  perfectly cooked american pancakes with blueberries on the side -dazzled with memories of a time I often consider lost in translation. And yes, I have to admit it, I kind of love it. The feeling of...I don´t know...being somewhere else. Far away from little Oslo, little Norway. Kind of like a vacation without going..kind a place where there´s no jantelov, no rules, just the 50´s. In America.

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