DAY 28; Without further explanation

I´m gonna be tougher. I will speak my mind, and stand up for my beliefs. 
I´ve often found myself being bound by fear when it comes to speaking my mind.
And it´s not that I´m a coward. I just sometimes choose to keep my silence when I should have spoken up. And maybe that´s just human. Somehow. To willingly take the easy and safe way out of situations where justice would have won if only someone dared to speak the truth. 
Why is it so, that when it comes to weighing our opinions on the golden weight of acknowledgment, our "could-have-should- have-been-spoken" sense of what is right, often looses the battle to the thought of what others may say, or even worse- think of us after? Why do we care so much about what others may or may not think of us? Why do I care so much? Is due to insecurity bound by invisible threads of low self-esteem, or is it due to a common understanding that keeping quiet is just safer. Play it safe, and you can´t loose? I´m gonna be tougher. I will speak my mind. An if I loose, at least I´ll loose with dignity.

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