DAY 63: A new beginning
I believe in new beginnings, in starting over and doing better. In jumping waters so to say. This is my new beginning, and you´re all invited to tag along
I once read that every new beginning is another new beginnings final end. And I like the sound of that. To think of it that way, it gives me courage. And I very well may need my courage, because this new beinning is all about thinking bigger and being braver. I´ve taken many steps towards my new life for the last couple of weeks, and without even knowing it, I slowly changed my own outlook of who I want to be in the process. I think I may indeed  have taken the final leap into grown-up-life - and it actually feels good. Not strange, like I always feared it would be. I feel more safe of who I am and who I want to become with time now, than I think I´ve ever done. It feels like all the pieces of the puzzle that makes my life is finally in order- recollected, and ready to be put into place. I quit smoking-I bought the car of my dreams- I´m starting a new job- and I will believe in myself. I´m becoming the woman I want to be! It´s a big deal. My life is allready different, and it will keep on changing. I´m at last leaving my insecure teens behind, 10 years too late- but still, and this new beginning is for sure welcome.


  1. Good for you, change is healthy :)

  2. Spennende. Nye prosesser er magisk og vi kjenner det faktisk i livet.
    Lykke til med neste skritt. Jeg aner hva du snakker om :-)

  3. I love this post, sweetie. I remember when we had an entire group counseling session about this in grad school- when did we feel "grown up". Of course being financially independent was a common answer, but I think what you are talking about- that feeling of knowing who you are, what you stand for, what you want to represent to your family and how you want to present yourself and "be" in the world is so much more of it. Congratulations on "getting there"...or at least...the starting line...there's lots more good stuff I'm told :)


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