DAY 69 : It´s about time to think about it
Inspired by fellow blogger Summaiyah Hyder,  I suddenly started thinking about time, how we see it and how time always affects us in one way or another. It´s strange.
Really strange actually. Taking the time to think about it (...) How it sometimes seem to fly by, while at other times seems to stand still.. Have you ever watched a whole minute go by, for instance; tick tack-tick tack- 60 seconds sure can seem like a long time, right? And then again not. Not if your life depends on it. Sometimes 60 seconds is all you´ve got. It can mean the difference between life or death if you´re under water for instance, or having an anaphylactic shock. But we don´t like to think about time in that way, most of the time: Most of the time we´re too busy complaining about not having the time. To think. Or to feel. Or to live our dreams. Or to do anything at all actually. But still we do. We do everything- We stay updated on facebook and twitter and buzzer and myspace and (...) while we get educated, while we chat with our friends. Online-offcourse. We drink our lattés, drink our wine, we dine and we dance. We diet and we travel and see the world before we´re 30, and then we have kids, if we´re lucky. And then they grow up (...) and before we know it, we´re old. The american poet Carl Sandberg says it too wisely not to be shared 

" Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."

Tick tack- tick tack.The time you spent today can not be spent again, it´s gone. Now how strange is that...ime is precious- waste it wisely

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  1. When I retired I thought I was going to have all the TIME in the world to do whatever I wanted. Then my dad needed me and all of my TIME was given to him. Then my granddaughter moved in with her kids and Dad's TIME is divided with them.

    I don't feel as though I am doing something admirable. I am not doing this by choice. I am just doing my job. Family is the most important thing in this world, and they need me. I often wish it was different but this apparently is my mission during this TIME of my life. However, I do wonder when I will have TIME of my own, for me. After all I turned 70 this year and TIME is an issue................kt


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