DAY 68: look at the sky, and contemplate how awesome life is

Another project within the project is on it´s way and it´ll be interesting for sure.
I want to measure happiness, and so I will- by simply makeing  a photocopy of this text and putting it out there for people to see. I´ll put it at a streetlamp or something- and we´ll see if people take the bait or not! Maybe all passers are indeed happy, but just don´t have the time to stop and read, and take a minute. I´ll be there though, checking -spying on people and counting happyness! Can´t wait! Funproject-project-within-the-project, here I come! And offcourse I´ll share the fun of it all when it´s done!´ll be really interesting to see who stops, to see what their faces look like when they´re reading the text, and to see weither people actually are willing to take a minute and just feel blessed. And (...) oh, I´m counting on norwegians to know their english well enough to understand what the poster says! We´ll see:) If it doesn´t work,  I´ll blame poor english skills- I´ll translate and try again, but for now- here we go! If you see this poster, smile- you might be getting your picture taken!It´s about what you make of life, right!:) Have a good day, R

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