DAY 44: Miss Florence´got a brand new job!

I did it. I went ahead and changed jobs. And I think it´s the best thing I´ve ever done!
It´s a bit like the fist day of school, starting a new job, and this change is no exception. I´ve got butterflies where my calm should be, and when I sit down to read up(..) I feel like a nurse again. I feel like somehow, maybe, this is where I´m supposed to be. It feels right this time. And I´m excited!  Superexcited! I´ll be working at Ahus, and even though I hadn´t seen this movie when I applied for a job, I´m really glad they made it. I´ll be working at this ward, and time will show whether the add gave out an honest picture or not. No matter what,though, this is where you´ll find me, day, evening and nights for the next couple of years! And I´ll be the best nurse I possibly can! I promise. I´m so excited!

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