DAY 50: I´ve got the passion

4-baking (!) both the act and the page. Thank you so much, wonderful Manuela, for being such a great inspiration! You rock my world!
A while back my lovely friend Gunhild told me about this webpage -which has probably got to be about the best webpage in the world! She said it had great, really great "easy to follow" recipes, stunning pictures and wonderful colors. And it really, really does! Gotta love it, passion4baking- so easy, so great, and a true source of inspiration.
Passion 4 baking. I strongly recommend a visit. Even if you´re not into baking. I´m into baking. And sharing. BUT- there´s allready like the greatest page ever out there for baking, so all you´re gonna get from me is pictures of what I made, with links. I´m not even gonna bother writing down the recipes, ´cause I really want the ones that consider making something I made to take a break, and make a stop at Manuelas page, It´s so worth it!. You can find the recipe here for DEN FRISKESTE SOMMERDRØM- mmmm(!) got the passion?

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