DAY 51: what would you try if you had no fear?

When I first started this blog, I wanted to make a blog that would make me more aware of the true joys in life. And It has.  It has also made me realize that I carry a heavy bag of collected fear around. Fear that keeps me from enjoying life fully. And it´s gotta stop. This stupid silliness. It´s time to loose the bag and get back on track.  

Now, I don´t know when it all started.Or why, or where. Me being so afraid. It´s stupid. And irrational. And I´m a pretty smart girl, so it makes no sense. I know that instead of fear I should be feeling appreciation for being where I am in life. Having such great friends and a loving, caring family. I know that I should be grateful  for never having experienzed anything truly horrific, and grateful for being surrounded by the safety of having a place to call home, a loving boyfriend and a steady income. So where does all come from? This horrible feeling of fear. You know the kind of fear where your heart is about to jump out of your chest, and your pulse is so strong you´re actually thinking it´s about to tear loose from your wrist. Where does it come from? Me being afraid of flying, snakes, sickness, accidents and dying? Could it be, oh could it actually be-  that it is all so simple that I´m afraid of loosing my perfect life? That turning 30 actually made me realize that it will probably all be gone one day, this perfectness, and just thinking about it makes me scared? Well if it is that simple(...) is the solution for overcoming my fears just as easy? Could it be? 
Florence Nightingale once said "How very little can be done under the spirit of fear". And she was right. If I were to act upon every little fear I feel, I wouldn´t move at all. And I do move. I live my life. I puch myself, and tell myself that it´s a good thing that I feel my heartbeats- and to calm down- my pulse is attached to my wrist whether it likes it or not. It´s not going anywhere.

I don´t have all the answers.  And I can´t cure all fears just by wanting to do so. But I can choose to not let fear eat me up, and I can choose to face my fears and try to demolish them one by one. 
"In this world there is always danger for those who are afraid of it", the irish dramatist, novelist and critic, George Bernard Shaw, once staded. Just proves, it is all in your mind.  You choose or choose not to let it fear get to you, right.. that means you actually have control. Doesn´t it?  It´s all in my mind, and I do have a choice? Well then I choose to seduce fear with knowledge and kill it slowly but surely. It´s a big moster, but it will die.


  1. I enjoyed reading this very much. You must have heard it before, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself..." I believe that the more we face our fears the less afraid we become. Think of fear as a seed that someone or something else planted inside you, you don't want it there? RIP IT OUT, sounds easy? Not really is it? Some seeds grow and get roots that grow deep, but if you stop watering this seed it will die.
    So anyways, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and don't be afraid to comment. Norwegian or english, I do both :)

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  3. thank you so much Siv Maria for your lovely comment:)

  4. and oh! I´ve removed the word verification! I too hate having to write down stupid words whenever I want to leave a comment somewhere, but had no clue that it was removible, so thanks! :)

  5. Hope to be reading more from you soon, God helg!

  6. oh I´ll post:) thank you for putting a smile on my face early in the morning Siv Anita:)


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