DAY 54: do you believe in ghosts?
Ever wondered why you all of a sudden got the chills, or a bad thought that wouldn´t go away? 
Well, I have. Wondered. Lots of times actually. About why I get the chills, and why bad thoughts tend to scare me from time to time, for no good reason at all. I´m totally sane too, no issues with seeing things that aren´t really there and no voices in my head. That I know of at least. But that´s just it though, maybe there is. Voices. Talking to me without me actually knowing it. Talking to my subconsciousness.
Ghosts. I don´t really believe in them. And at the same time I do. I believe in the good ones. I´ve told myself that, times and times again, that if there is such a thing as ghosts out there, spirits, they would have to be good. And then it hit me. Where there is good, there has to be a counterbalance, there has to be bad as well. And it´s strange, ´cause it never even occurred to me before, about the bad ones, I´ve always just taken it for granted that spirits in my world would be friendly and nice. But now, I´m not so sure anymore. Could it be that the irrational fears I sometimes feel are actually the work of crafty spirits, whispering their words of horror into my ears, making me believe in tales I otherwise wouldn´t dream of believing in. Do they battle for our attention, the good ones against the bad ones -our followers- tricking their way into our minds when we appear to be vulnerable? And wouldn´t that just be like the best explanation ever (!) for why things just seem to be so much more scary in the dark? We´re vunerable, and they get to win us over. Things that normally wouldn´t scare us suddenly takes the shape of monsters, inspired by the wordless tales which is being whispered to us whitout us knowing. 
I don´t have the answer to wheither there is such a thing as ghosts or not. I don´t know. But I think I believe. In them. And their powers. And if it is so, that spirits are acutally to blame for sudden chills and bad thoughs, well, then it should all be fightible, right?! Where there is bad, there must be good? 
If it is so that they feed on fright, well then I´ll take a deep breath next time I get a stupid thought in my head, and make the spirit go hungry.  Bring it on, tell me all your tales. You can´t scare me anymore. 

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