DAY 56-good things come to those who smile- part 1

 Or so it says. But is it true?! Well, today will be all about smiling for this happy trooper! She has like a million errands to run, and like a billion places to be-  so the statement will be thorughly tested! I´ll send smilies to everyone I meet today, and I´ll truly try my best  to make someone elses day better.  Maybe good thigs do come to those who smile, and maybe it´s contagious(!) Well, we´ll see! We´ll see what becomes of it all. If good things indeed do happen, I´ll be smiling- for sure! 
Stay tuned, we´re counting smiles and good things today! And do follow pleace, do send out smiles too! lets make it a happening! 


  1. Maybe his will make you smile, I have awarded you with the Versatile blogging award, for details find the post on my Blogg:


  2. There was a study several years back that proved that simply the physical act of smiling changes the mental attitude of the individual. The study had half of their their subjects carry pencils (long ways from mouth corner to mouth corner for long periods of time). It was found that these individuals were much happier and had a better feeling of well being than the subjects who did not carry the pencils.........kt

  3. I thnk this just might be my most favorite post yet sweetheart . I love how you are able to chllenge yourself by doing something so simple and yet so compelling. I guess it all goesto prove how important attitude is on your everyday sense of satisfaction. Smiles mean that you have a positive attitude and that translates into having happy days! Love it! Pure genius!


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