DAY 57: good things come to those who smile- part 2: the results
If you follow my blog very, very, very  frequently you would know that gave myselft a challenge today. I wanted to smile at everyone I ran into, and to to try my very best to make everybodys day a little better. Not by doing big gestures, no- no(!)  only by giving away free smiles :) And it really worked with some, while with others not so much. I spent the whole day very tuned in to people, and here´s some of the faces I rememer and their reaction to me smiling at them:

06:35am: in bed I smile at my handsome boyfriend and he smiles back at me. How can I ever forget his smile?! 08:05am :ouside my cardiologists office  A foreign boy smiles at me while lifting his hand in a salute, while a norwegian lady(?!) looks right through me, pretending not to see neither me nor my smile. 08:20am : in my caridiologists office A fellow patient is smiling hugely at me while saying good morning:) I smile back, wondering if she might have received really good news today! My cardiologist doesn´t smile at me once. Even though I keep trying to smile and be very friendly throughout the whole examination. May I add I have no shirt or bra on for like 30 minuts and not a single smile in return. I found him to be very very rude,  I smiled though, all the way out of the office due to great results on my tests. I can proudly say that I have a good heart! 09:30am: outside Akershus universitetssykehus: I meet up with one of the hospitals security guards and we both smile the happy smiles of friends not having seen eachother for a long time. I get to park for free! 09:50am: at my old job: I smile at my old boss, and she smiles at me. She gives me a note saying that I may go on vacation if I like to. Around 11ish: at Plantasjen: How is it possible not to smile at a place that smells good, has beautiful plants and flowers all over? I don´t get it. I kept on smiling, and people looked like they had been sniffing lemon or whatever. The whole bunch. The cashier returned my smile though.12:10: at the carshop: I smile to the car salesman as I tell him that I will indeed buy the car I looked at yesterday. He smiles back! A great big smile! I then tell him that I won´t sign any papers though until my dad has looked at the car, and even though I can totally tell that his smile is fake, it´s still there.  14:00: at the grocery store: I smell all the herbs and I smile to all the people passing me. I even tell some of them that they should try it, that it´s wonderful- they all smile back. Busy, but they smile back.1600: at home: Rafael and  Leo is back from their day. Leo runs to me and askes me if we can make that bestestetss juice in the whole world like we did yesterday. I smile back at him, thinking that I really should have brought him along for the whole day. He would hace collected smiles like there was no tomorrow!

Good things come to those who smile. From smiling all day I ended up getting great results from the tests done to my heart. I got to park for free. I got a great deal on a car - and- I got to stand there smelling herbs for like half an hour! All great things, no doubt- but greatest of them all I GOT TONNES OF SMILES IN RETURN!  It´s been a good day!


  1. Wow, sounds like a fun day! Maybe everyone should try smiling at everyone some day :)

  2. That's awesome...a very interesting day. Nicely narrated!


  3. Oh this is sweet. I try to smile as much as I can at work, because NO ONE else does. As a result they think I'm so friendly and go out of their way to be nice to me! I don't see many people outside of work but I'll definitely start to apply it more. Usually I'm so cranky from traffic/crowds that I don't smile in public...

    - allison writes

  4. Isn't it weird? A smile is maybe the easiest thing you can do to achieve some positive attention! :D

  5. Hi, Renate! Thanks for visiting my blog. It made me SMILE!!! :D :D

    I think your project is marvelous, and I wish you great success. :) Isn't it wonderful how people respond to a smile? I often do it when I am out shopping, just to throw people off a bit. ;)

    Thank you for following me on Google Friends Connect. I'm following you back!


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