DAY 60: the pure joy of juicy stuff

Since I actually managed to quit smoking I decided that I truly deserve a treat! I got myself a juicemaker from Philips! A great one! And I´m in love! 
Getting a juicemaker may actually be the smartest investment I´ve ever done!  Not only does it make wonderful healthy juices, it also makes me want to be a heathier person. The juicemaker truly makes easier to live green and get all the nutrients that I need to get every day. And it´s fun too! Not to mention addictive! I actually had no idea that such a genious mashine even existed, until the ever so lovely Iren Tingulstad made me a veggie-juice I haven´t been able to forget about. Such a lovely, tasteful and nutritious juice, and drinking it really made me realize- it need the mashine too! Oh I do! I do! I can´t wait! But then I ended up waiting for about half a year, now asking myself "why? Why did I wait so long, when  should have gone straight to the store and gotten one. That day! I´ve got it now though! My new baby. I promise to treat you well! Here´s how the wonder works its wonders; The mashine seperates the meat from the juice in all vegetables and fruits, and you don´t even have to peel most of the ingredients! Just wash, cut, and mash! Serve up in vineglasses for a little taste of exclusivity- and there you go! Eating unhealthy isn´t even an option anymore! (...)If you´re like me and just simply need to get a juicer( I should so have been sponsored from philips) you go ahead and make the best investment in your own health you´ve done in a long time. You truly won´t regret it. I´ll do you the favour of writing down some really awesome recepies, even though the most fun actually comes from putting whatever you feel like in there. Everything comes out tasting good in it´s own way anyway! I love it! I love it! I love it! You´de love it too! And oh!!! when I say cut the veggies, it´s only because I bought a cheaper version than used in the video! Go ahead, watch the video, get hooked, buy the mashine and live healthy!:)

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  1. Good on you for quitting smoking! Been batteling this for a long time! Have quit many times, but it never seems to stick.


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