DAY 99: everybody´s got stories to tell

what´s yours?

It´s so easy to forget while being wrapped up in your own life, happiness and drama, that everybody´s got stories to tell. That old man on the bus(...) the nine year old girl sitting next to you. Your your boss, the cleaninglady, the guy who used to be picked at in the school. They all play the roles of lead actors their stories, and alltough you think your story is more important, to them, you´re just an extra. Not important unless you´ve got lines to perform directly at them. Whenever there´s a casualty in the news, whenever someone is lost, or hurt or (...) they all owned their own stories. They all had stories to be told. To them, their stories were the most important ones.
Isn´t it strange how other people´s stories sometimes can help you make sence of your own?  How sometimes other people´s stories can make your own less hard to handle in comparison. How we all pick pieces and parts of strangers stories and carefully make them into guidelines for our own? Isn´t it strange how a strangers story can change yours? Make it better or worse ... in a way. How we´re all extras in someones stories, and very important pieces in other ones?
I think blogging, and reading other peoples stories have made me stronger. I read, I reflect- therefore I am. Or should I say- my blog has become a part of my story, and it also makes my story- in a way(...)
strange- Brandie Carliele story isn´t. Her story is amazing- at least the one she shares in this song- enjoy

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