DAY 74: how to get more out of life?

Things really haven´t changed all that much in the last 50 years. At least not when it comes to woman questioning themselves about whether or not we´re forgetting to live life.
In a street fair in Germany I all of a sudden found myself staring at a whole bunch of what I consider to be true treasures. In front of me laid a whole bunch of magazines from the 50´s and I was sold! They´re mainly in black´n white, except from the frontpages. The magazines are made in a bigger format and the commercials are different, but other than that-  there´s not much seperating magazines made in the 50´s from magazines made today(...) And that took this little Miss sunshine by surprise(...) Really. Sure, we´re bolder now, the pages made in the 50´s definitly held more of sophisticated outline, but still. Take away the shiny lipgloss from todays surgically altered models, add a little body, some shyness, a genuine smile, and whoopsi- we´re the same- We haven´t changed at all.  And for some reason, I find that to be comfortably soothing, and at the same time, strange in a way that I can´t describe. 
 "How to get more out of life?" the headliner above askes, page 1- in a magazine written in 1956. The author then questions whether woman have lost the art of enjoying life. Then;  if the pace of modern life, difficult living  conditions and work are indeed making woman nervously tence. The author (who must remain unknown because I can´t seem to figure out who he or she is) concludes that the first thing woman must do to get more out of life is to learn how to live without worry. And I find this amazing! 50 years ago an unknown author(!) figures out that one can indeed learn how to live without worry. The author claims that woman can, when taking proper care of their bodies and souls, indeed learn how to avoid nervous tention. The ways of doing this is pretty much the same ways as any journalist of today would  recommend. And it´s strange. We´re all still worried about the same things. Would think that we would have had it figured out by now, but no. Woman still worry. And we still think about the same stuff that we did 50 years ago! And why, really, when the answers are so easy. They knew it back then, and we know it now- live life. Eat well. Smile. Be happy. 
I love my new tresaures! I love them:) And sure I´ll share more:) They´re fantastic!


  1. Once I went inot an abondoned old house and found a stack of old magazines just like this. I love them too. It is fun to read about "the old days" and see that they are not really so old after all :)

  2. Interessante betraktninger.
    Vi ser frem til flere.
    Når alt kommer til alt, er vi mennesker ... heldigvis.

  3. I would love to hear more about what you've found in those old magazines - so interesting!

    Thanks for joining my blog :)


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