DAY 78: Staying true to the project- enjoying life

Today I´ve spent my whole day being thankful for the fact that I´m happy and safe.  And I think I ought to do that more often actualy.  I think it´s a healthy reminder.

I get to live life not having to worry about money or about whether I´m safe or not. I don´t need to worry about putting meals on the table, or if I´m loved. I have a great man who loves me- and shows me (!) every single day. I live in one of the safest coutry in the world. I have a wonderful mom and dad living close by, a charming stepson- soon about to start first grade and friends that I trust and love. I can drive my very own car to work every day, and when I get there- I know that I didn´t pay anything for my education. I have a strong union looking out for me and my rights ( which are many may I add!) and I get paied well enough to take five weeks of every year. In fact , they expect me to. 
I´m healthy. I don´t have a horrible disease with no cure. I´m young, and the future is out there, begging to be used wisely. To be enjoyed.
Today I just kept on smiling, reminding myself that I´m a lucky girl with no reason to not to smile.  I stayed true to the project- enjoying life fully. Picture from

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