DAY 79: the value of knowledge can not be measured

unless it´s measured in increased selfconfidence and well being.
The  business of learning.It feels good. Sooooooooooo wonderfully good! I´m attending a four day newbie training class at the hospital, and not only does it make the transition from one job to another silky smooth, the newbieclasses actually makes me want to learn. It inspires me to be all I can be and then some. And for that I´m getting paid! normal salary(...) can you believe it? I´m getting paid to be inspired, getting paid to learn and still the money they choose to give me actually doesn´t matter. But oh(!) It is indeed great that they´re willing to give me money, and I´m not turning it down, but the value of the gift they´re giving me by making me enjoy learning again can´t be measured in moneysworth. It´s just a feeling. And it feels lovely. I´m living again, feeling alive again- all thanks to the act of gaining knowledge. And I love it! I´m having such a crush on learning right now, I really do! And WOW! what a feeling!  Go ahead, learn something new today- I promise- it´ll make you feel great

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  1. It's so wonderful that you're getting paid for something that you really enjoy!


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