DAY 84: dearing to be the newbie

is hard. Dearing to acknowledge the fact that you are now the the weakest link is even harder. And then you start to grow.
I just started my new job. At a hospital that aimes to be the most modern and technically advanced hospital in Europe. And it porbably is. We´ve got robots and cars, pillmakers and swinging transportationsystems. Oh(!) There sure is lot of new stuff to comprehend how to use. It´s a lot of opportunities for wrongtakings, but I´m henging in there. For now.  Learning. And it´s strange. How not being in control, not knowing how to do stuff the way "they" do it can make you feel lost.  In translation, so to say. There´s been a while since I needed to have my latin looked at, and now- clearly- I do. So I am. And it´s great learning again, gaining forgotten knowledge, but it´s hard being the weakest link. Like having to ask questions all the time, allowing yourself to appear stupid. Not as smart as the other nurses. It´s hard to bethe weakest link, but it´s so necessary. And great too, in a sence, because it means that I´ve got so much growing to do. It also means that there´s  a high standard on the nurses working my ward, and that makes me happy. It would have been sad if as a newbie I knew things as well as they do, right. So it´s a good thing, dearing to be new, but it´s hard too. I´m hanging in there, and repeting my pledge

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