DAY 88: teambuilding with Tingulstad

and yes, it´s been a while. It´s just been so much else to do, to write about, think about and to celebrate. But here they are, some of the picks from our last photoshoot. The wonderful poeple in the pics are all employees at The Tingulstads and we´re so proud of being a part of their project. I´ll be sure to link to their page as soon as it´s up. For now- wouldn´t you want to get treated by some of these therapists? I wish them all the best, and I´ll definitely book a massage as soon as possible- best of luck Iren og Trond Håkon-  oh:) and in case you feel like it, if you need some inspiration- you can read more about the project Helhetsgården- Hobøl- and Trond and Iren Tingulstad here

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