DAY 89: summertime- you can do a little bit better..

Isn´t is strange how woman never seem to be satisfied? How we always need to do just a little bit better, be a little bit thinner, try a little bit harder (...) to be what other woman would consider perfect.
 "There´s more of you showing- start trimming your figure now", the add above states- and allthough it´s from the late 50´s it speaks the same words as todays adds. Only difference is that todays  words are twisted differently. More wickedly perhaps. Still.  Same lines. Get in shape, get on a diet, stop eating- stop drinking, start running, and do your very, very best to forget about all those things in life that tastes well.  Really(...)  Isn´t it strange how woman never truly seem to be happy with who we are and how we look? It´s like being satisfied is a crime. Like if you´re just plain -happy- there´s gotta be something wrong with you?! Like the corect answer to any conversation regaring weight and weightloss should and ought to be " sure, I´m dieting too, and you know- it´s hard, I haven´t lost anythig yet". I don´t know(...) I just found this add in an old magazine, and it hit me- woman haven´t evolved at all- we´re still the same, it´s still all about being thin and fit- (...) like if you´re not skinny winny you´re worh less- kind off. And I wont stand for it no more. I say- live life and be happy. You´re good enough. Just the way you are ! Summertime is happytime- so enjoy summer with a face full of smiles and you will be perfect- peace out


  1. So true...and I love your phrase "Summertime is happytime". I think it will be my new motto.

  2. So of the great things about this stage of life, and maybe because I'm a mom with two little boys that keep me totally occupied, but I don't stress about weight in the same way. Of course I love to feel fit and in shape, but it's for me, not for anyone else, and that does actually make a big difference. I agree with you though....just get out and smile and have fun and ENJOY life because goodness gracious, it goes by fast!!


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