DAY 90: Hotel havana, make a trip, order some food and life a little

Although it´s not a hotel, it sure feels like one. You don´t ever want to leave.
Have you ever been at a place so friendly, so filled with taste and life that all you wanted to do was to continue looking and smelling, and then tasting and enjoying? Well, I have, and it´s great. Walking into the delicate delicacy shop at the heart of central Oslo- Grunerløkka, kind of feels like walking into another century. You´re all of a sudden taken back to a time where waiters knew their cheeses, where there´s homemade chocolatecake straight from the oven, and where the chefs greets their customers with a friendly hello followed by a " how are you".  You can buy about anything your heart desire foodwise, and oh- the food..the food(!)  -Now, I have to admit- I´m in love with one of the chefs- and offcourse you would think that my mind is clouded, right-  but honestly (!) The food is fantastic! Lovely, tastful and always cooked with great ingredients from from scratch. You can actually taste the chefs love for food, their passion, and as far as I consider- that´s a rare surprise, a rare gift in a world where so much is half half-fabricated. 
If you´re to try out a new place, or if you have passed by a million times without entering- enter- check in and you will not be disappointed. Or you can check out their menu here! Brand new homepage made by my ever so lovely better half:) Hotel Havana- make a trip- order some food and life a little:) There´s so much life to taste, and no better place to start the trip!:) enjoy


  1. This sounds like such a fantastic place!!!I wish we had time to go there!!! someday :)

  2. i would love to go there, I love places like this. Thank you for your kind comment today, glad you enjoy my blog :) x


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