DAY 91: Sevillanas- a new project within the project

It is never too late to be what you might have been, the english novelist George Eliot said early in the 18th century. And it´s true. It´s never to late. 
I think we just tend to think that it is, sometimes. I think we tend to put our childhood dreams and hopes in a box of forgotten treasures if they haven´t come true before a surtain age, and it´s wrong. It doesn´t have to be that way. I used to dream about being a great dancer, and then I grew up. Life got in the way, and what I might have once become- became further and further away from who I ended up being. But that path has come to an end. I´m turing around and walking back- Soooo(!) I´m taking up dancing again. And not just any kind of dancing either. I´m going to learn how to dance Sevillanas- the type of flamenco danced in Sevilla- where my hubby is borned and raised. It will come in handy too, me knowing this, because they dance it all over, the spaniards- in weddings, baptisms and even spontaniously on the beach if you happen to be there. So I will learn! From the best- he said he would teach me- my Rafael, and I will hold him to it! what bride would I be if I didn´t know my Sevillanas, right:) So just in case(!) here we go. I will learn and grow- projectstyle- and just to give you a little taste- this is what I´m up against

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