DAY 94: 50 ways to cope with stress

GET UP 15 MINUTES EARLIER. Prepare for the morning the night before. Don´t rely on your memory. write things down. Repair things that don´t work properly. Make duplicate keys. Say "no" more often, and smile every time you say yes. SET PRIORITIES IN YOUR LIFE. Avoid negative people. Always make copies of important papers. Ask for help if you need it. break large tasks into sized portions. LOOK AT PROBLEMS AS CHALLENGES. be prepared for rain. SMILE at least once a day. PLAY. dance. MAKE LOVE. Avoid tight fitting clothes. TAKE A BATH as often as you can. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Visualize yourself winning. LAUGH! Stop thinking that tomorrow will be better, make it better. Set goals for yourself. Say hello to a stranger. LOOK UP AT THE STARS. practise breathing slowly. Do brand new things. STOP A BAD HABIT. DO IT TODAY. plant a tree. look at art. listen to music. know your limitations and let others know them too. sleep. Praise other people. remember you always have options. throw a paperairplane. exercise. go to work early. KISS. Call a friend. Give a hug, and then another. BREATH. take a swim. Run to the bus, not because you have to, but because you want to. Taste something new. Love. LIVE LIFE


  1. Hi there! I LOVE this! I also LOVE the rose tute! I am so going to have to try that!

    Thanks for stopping by! I am following you back from Render Me Mama! Looking forward to getting to "know" you!

  2. Hei, tusen takk for herlig kommentar. Elsker denne bloggposten! Flott inspirasjon på en litt tung mandag!

  3. Hi Renate! Yep I am still around lurking in the corners :) Put on your jogging shoes, because...TAG YOUR IT! What? you my blog post and you will see :)

  4. Great positive post that many people should read.

    Came via Finding New Friends blog hop.
    CJ xx


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