DAY 95: this I do, do you?

I love the man who created the blog " things we all do", and in his honor- whoever he is ( couldn´t figure out his name from his blog) I´m reblogging! As far as I know we´ve never met, the creator of "TWAD" and me, and I suppose he haven´t met many of his 994010 other followes either, but still- there has to be a reaon why we´re all following (...) and I think that reason is common referance points in life. Magical how that works, and also that so many strangers share the same reference points in life- making up some sort of a foundation of who we are without even knowing eachother. If they made up lists like this all over the world and then showed them to eachother then maybe- just maybe we would all see how we´re all the same, and then- maybe, just maybe- there would be nothing left to fight about! What do you say,  can you see yourself in the statements below? Please tell:) and enjoy!

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