DAY 96: today can change everything

I have a dream and today I´m going for it. (..)the long and winding road actually. The one drawn with hills and mountains to climb on the map, but when I get there, I´m sure it will be worth the effort.Everyone sais so. The ones who have reached their dreams the hard way.So I´m going for it. Today I´m hopefully getting some answers, making a plan and taking the first step towards becomming a mommy. The way that mothers of hope do it, when good old nature puts up a fight. So the road may be long. Unfairly long, but at least I´ve started walking. And right next to me, holding my hand- my wonderful love, my wonderful man. So I´m lucky, and hoping  luck will last- all the way into a wonderful first cry of a healthy baby  When I first started this project, with the intent of living more every day, I did believe in it. But to be honest,  not to the extent that it has showed me life. And I love it ! It´s sort of like I´ve become more aware of life and more true to myself, to my thought´s and dreams, than I ever thought I would. I´ve become more honest about what I believe in and what my values are. I´m becoming more and more the woman that I always pictured myself to be.... maybe because I´m allowing myself to dream the dreams and do the things that she would. And it feels great!  Today can change everything. I have a dream, and I believe in it, hoping it will come true. Believing it it will and doing my best to make it happen

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  1. And it will happen, sweetheart....because good things happen to good people...and you are not just "good people" are an angel!


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