DAY 101: never give up. Never surrender

I´m not a big fan of starwars-movies, but for some reason this famous line from Galaxy Quest really stuck. And I´m glad it did.
Never give up- never surrender. Insignificant words when read out of context, but toghether, pure power. Fight. Stand strong. Never give up. Never surrender. Words hard to remember when storms are in clear sight, but mother nature is wonderful that way- always trying to teach us lessons-.Storms always pass, the sun always reappears. We´ve all seen this times and times again, still we tend to forget
Keep fighting, stand up for your rights. Don´t give up on your hopes and dreams. Allow them to change, and change with them, but don´t give up.
Life is too short for shortcomings, and allthough shortcuts are mostly labeled as easier in our library of choises, choosing the long and winding often tastes better when you turn that famous hill of overcoming.
Never give up, never surrender. You´ll be stronger and you´ll make better choises. You´ll pick your fights more wisely and you´ll somehow end up winning  the ones you picked. Because those you chose were worth actually fighting for. So you fought. Stand strong. Be strong. Don´t be a quitter. The sun´ll come out and shine on you again, maybe not tomorrow, but it will.

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