DAY 103: summertime= less writing -more living

when I first started this blog, I really didn´t think that writing would actually get in the way of the blogs purpose- to live life .. but then it did. 
Strange really. Because when I started this blog I really, really, really needed to write about life to remember how to live it. Kind off. I needed to give myself projects to enjoy life and I did, and my projects made me more aware of the value of life and the importance of living it fully. Silly little projects, but still. They kept me busy in the cold, dark and short days of winter(...)
Then something happened. The days grew brighter, longer and more filled with optimism. My project kind of became a true part of who I am, and how I see life. I don´t feel the need to write to remind myself about the beauty of life every day- any more, but I still keep the project close to my heart though. And even though there´s not gona be posts every day during this wonderful time of year, I´m still keeping the project close to heart, and I will share it. Just not on a daily basis- I guess- we´ll see- Kind off depends on the weather, really. So- until a rainy day:)

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