DAY 104: getting ready- with pride and joy

A real woman isn´t perfect, and a perfect woman isn´t real.  That being said. I would love to be fit. And by fit I mean ready for wearing a bikini again. With pride and joy that is. 
Allright. So I quit smoking and gained the mandatory weight in the process (...)Not that the numbers bothers me so much, it´s more the not fitting into last years summer wardrobe that gets to me. That, and the fact that I know if I´m being truly honest with myself - I´m a happier person when I´m a bit lighter to handle. So to say. So It´s about time to loose the love handles and get a handle on things.It´s about time to make a commitment and raise to the occasion. I will!  Sevilla happens to be right around the corner. Going in September, meaning that I only have what may be considered a short while to succeed. But I will. Because I made up my mind. I made my decision and I will follow the steps in this article how to loose 6 kilos in 6 weeks truly slavishly. Step by step. But I will not make it about the kilos though. If I loose them- great- but this project within the project- for me, is really just about becomming a better version of myself again. A version that I can happily greet in the mirror every morning. That being said, a nuber can be a great indicator on whether i´m running down the right track or not, so to say, so i´l keep track. I´ll do the weight thing, but my focus will be on succeeding and enjoying the change within myself while sweating out the pounds!Can´t wait! wane follow? I´ll be sharing the fun in the column above- project loose 6 kilos in 6 weeks! you´re more than welcome to join!:) love r


  1. I love this post!!!!!!


  2. Renate, Let me add my thanks for the wonderfully done and exquisite Ian video. Tell me how to get a copy of the background music. Hope to see you and Rafael on our side of the pond soon.

    Thanks again for taking care of my family!


  3. Hello snuppish =)

    Samme problem her... jag "går" på LCHF dieten nå. Och jisses - den ger resultat! Första veckan -2 kilo! Sen kom visserligen en ferieuke till Turkiet och förstörde det igen, men nu är jag på det igen. Det är helt sjukt, trodde inte det skulle ge resultat (dieten låter ju som en dröm), men bara på en vecka så fick jag mer energi, jag var mindre hungrig och hur sjutton kan man motstå en diet där bacon är helt okej?!?!?!
    kram på dig


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