DAY 102: Do you believe in magic?

in moments of pure joy and total perfection? Do you have a top 10? if not, make one
I used to set such high demands on what perfection should feel like that I forgot how to enjoy magic when it was right there infront of me. Then I woke up and literally smelled the sweet, delightful scent of coffee so to say. And it´s wonderful. Life.
Staying true to the project- like a missionary on a mission, I ask you- please wake up! Open that new bag of coffee that you´ve got lying around somewhere and smell it, feel the warmt of the sun against your face (...)See the rain pouring down your window like there´s no tomorrow and feel the thunder shake the ground you´re standing on. Feel life, taste life, see life, live life.
In every story I´ve ever read about the last will of a dying person, it´s always been in the lines of "i should have enjyed life more when I had it"(...) so why is it so hard for us, when truly healthy and strong to see the beauty in life. Like it almost takes the threat of dying to make us see the magic life has to offer. So I´m here,preaching-  trying to share what I believe to be the truth. Life is yours to live, and you decide how to live it, what to look for and how to use what you find. 
Start looking, start thinking about it. Make your own top ten list, and you´ll see that magic gets easier to spot after and then again easier for every moment you find. 
(...) Let´s make a deal. Share your list of magical moments and I´ll put your magical moments on my blog with a link. Like a bloghop thing, remembering to live life. Maybe something good would come out of it too, like being able to make up a recipe for true joy? Never done the bloghop thing,  so please do help, or host or hm(...) I´ll just do it this way though- sharing my list, and hoping you´ll add your magic in the commentfield. I´ll start the list, and please do join 


When you finally get to be reunited with somebody that you missed for a long time. When you get to do that first magical hug, and just feel whole again 

The color and smell of rasberry while in the making of that mousse you love so much

The smell of a newborn baby
The warmth of your boyfrieds body in bed when you´ve got really cold toes

The way a cat can make you feel when he really enjoys your company, curling up agains you while purring

The smell of freshly baked bread in the oven

A clean house
Crying from a book that really captures exactly what you thought would happen

Cold, clean sheers against your skin after a really hot shower
The taste of chocolate and how it melts in your mouth

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