I made pops! Cakepops! Thank-God-I-made-it-pops! And they tasted just as sweet as I hoped they would. 

Isn´t it strange how fear of the unknown sometimes makes you go out of your way to stay away. How being afraid of failiure can lead you on paths you never otherwise would have considered choosing? And in fact- How facing your fear can taste soo sweet when you realize that your monsters of evil were just shaddows after all? (...) I was afraid for so long (...) I was blind- but now I see. Clear waters, and the storms who used to consume my every rational thought when it came to me being ok with working as a qualified hospitalnurse- has past. It´s no longer there- and it feels strange- somehow(...)
Two months I´ve spent with the best gang of colleagues ever, and even though I dreaded virtually everything in the beginning, I´ve slowely grown stronger and more brave as days have past. I stuck with it even though every cell in my body yelled "run away- run now- run fast". And it´s the smartest thing I ever did!  I stayed- I fought of my fears of failiure of not being good enough and I learned. I learned Im good enough. I can. I´m strong. Not because I´m perfect - nor special, or anything out of the ordinary- but because I am me. I am good enough because I am me. 
Being afraid of can pass. If you stick with being uncomfortable for a while, you may win the best price ever! Gaining confidence- do it- don´t give up- winning feels great
and in honor of sticking with it- I made pops! For the best team of nurses and assistants ever. if you want the recipe-  I strongly recommend everyone who hasn´t been at Manuela´s site to pay her a visit- she´s great- and a true inspiration with her gentle touch of wonderful to every cake she ever bake:) I´m kind of in love of her site actually, and it has truly become my nr 1 place to go to whenever in need of a great treat:)I´ll tell you this though- that ( and this is soooo considered cheating, but sometimes there´s just not enough time, right) muffins- or any kind of other allready made goodies really serves the purpose of  filling if you´re in a hurry. And cookies with a hint of salt really makes it interresting:) crunchy kind of! Toasted nuts are great as well! Oh(!) it´s a favorite:) enjoy!

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  1. Oh my gosh they look so delicious! Wonderful job! I am def a fan of this blog!
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