DAY 106: the power of music

somehow this song now belongs to a guy called Jørgen. He had such a great impact of anyone lucky enough to get a glimpse of his wonderful soul and everyone who did would agree- the world is just a darker place without him

I didn´t know Jørgen all that well, at least not as a grown-up, but I knew him when he was just a boy, sitting on my lap at Martins, having a zip of my beer and telling me that
-you make me feel safe, can I just sit here?  Allright, so he wasn´t a boy anymore in the right term of the word that night at Martins,but at the same time, I guess he never stopped being one. Always trusting, always seeking acceptance. So he sat there for a while, on my lap with his head resting against mine before he disappeared on to the dancefloor or something like that- always on the run(...)
I can´t say I knew him at all, Jørgen Emanuel Gimme- but at the same time I kind of feel like I did. And maybe that´s just one of the many gifts he possessed- the wonerful. He always made people feel like they were old friends of him. Would always give a great big hug, and remember what you talked of last. Don´t know how many times I ran into him, in Oslo through the years, but many. He just happened to be all over the place, and whenever our ways crossed, leaving him would always make me think of how the cool kids live. `cause he was truly a cool kid. Always smiling- always so present. 
It seems to me like so many knew him. Jørgen shared his soul with so many and at the same time, I guess no one really saw anything at all. Really. Maybe just a few did. No one was able to stop him though, from making the worst decision he would ever make.
The world is a poorer place without you Jørgen. A brilliant artist is sadly gone. I hope you find peace 

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