DAY 107: why is it so

that having something or someone in common to dislike or even hate-creates such a feeling of belonging, of fellowship and acceptance?

I guess we´ve all replaced real values with the desire of being accepted into a group from time to time. I know I have. I know childern do it all the time. And my guess is, you have done it too. And why- for what?  Why is it so hard to stand up or not to partisipate when it goes against our values? Is it because fitting in is so important, that making friends becomes prioritized over staying true to your convictions in life (...) 
I don´t value talking behind someone´s back. I value social inclusion. 
I don´t value thinking less of someone because they lack knowledge. I value kindness and justice.
I´m  going to stand up for those values. Every day. And if it cost me my membership in the cool kids group, well, then it does. I don´t think it will though. I think I will  gain my own followers.´Cause people are strange, and I fit right in. I´ll let you know if I become John friendless after a while, but I don´t think I will! I believe in people and the power of kindness, sharing it and making it grow bigger.

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  1. This is a great post. It is interesting how larger groups even governments use this in our lives to push certain agendas. This known fact has been used much too often. I think it is great that you are making this stand!


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