DAY 109: Is it time to start handing out the medicine? aption
The cure for loneliness is obvious. Still, we choose not to treat it when noticed. Why is that?
As a nurse I see people struggele with disease, pain, fear and hopelessness every day. And strangely enough I´m ok with that. I have the tools to cope with that. Blood,vomiting, diarrhea, and shortness of breath doesn´t frighten me. Loneliness does. And I think I´m not the only one afraid to face this horrible illness, If I was the only one, there wouldn´t be lonely people. And there are. So, so, so many. Lonely people, lonely souls who doesn´t want to take up neither space or time. Living shadows.
(...)You´ve seen them too. You´ve passed them. You´ve kept on walking when you should have stopped. You´ve pretended not to  notice. Just like me. And everyone else. And why is that? Why are we so scared? Loneliness is not contagious, nevertheless- we treat it like it is. Easiest handled from a distance. Easiest handled if handled by someone else. Not you, not me. We´re all cowards.
(...) According to a field study made by Margaret Vetteze Zack in 2009, loneliness is an unpleasant feeling of separateness, aloneness, and/or emptiness in response to qualitative or quantitative deficits in relationships with others. In other words, lonelyness is a feeling most people willingly wouldn´t agree to having. Admitting to be lonely is admitting to not having friends or relatives. And no one wants that in an era where our selfworth and success is measured in our extended friendships on facebook. Being lonely deprives you of status. Simple as that. For us young people that is. For the elderly- it's a totally different story. They are not lonely because they stayed home the day they happened to hand out friends at school. They just lost all their loved ones. Outlived them. Their loved ones is gone.
As a nurse I see people struggele every single day. And allthough my heart bleeds out to those walking down the path of pain and horror alone, I just don´t have them time walk by their side for more than minutes at the time. And it hurts me- at the same time - takes away some of the preassure of truly having to see people. To care. I do care. I think most people care. I´m not a bad person. I just can´t take it in. All of it. People´s pain. No one should have to feel alone in the world when the world is crowded with people.
The cure for loneliness is obvious. Be there, be a human being. We all got the mediscine for loneliness in us. Lets start handing it out. 


  1. Blessings to you for the good you do each day ~ hope you are also taking care of you ~ hugs and namaste ~ ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^ ~ am following you from Monday Mingle Blog Follow

  2. This is so true...returning the love..thanks for stopping by!

  3. Heart warming piece that reminds us of the things that matter in life. Thanks for sharing! God Bless!! Monday Mingle Bloghop :)
    Also ... am impressed .. you blog everyday !! WOW !!keep it going


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